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The region

Our history

Homeland of several large Quebec families, it is a place of passage for Amerindians before the 17th century who come for hunting and seasonal fishing. It was from 1675 that settlers of European origin come to live here under a seigneurial system which is finally abolished in 1854.

The region first takes the name Charlevoix in 1855 in honor of Father François-Xavier de Charlevoix, a Jesuit who was the first historian of New France. Until the twentieth century, the main economic activities were agriculture, cabotage and wood harvesting, but the region is already seeing tourists visiting starting from 1760.

Tourists mainly arrive by cruise ship in the region after 1840, despite its difficult to reach. It was not before1970 that a modern road makes the region wide open to touring. Subsequently, tourism is fast becoming the main activity of the region. The Manoir Richelieu, still present to this day, was built in 1898.


Nearby cities

Founded in 1979, the tourist region of Charlevoix includes among its municipality three that are members of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec. You can find your way around by sectors: Baie-Saint-Paul and surrounding area, the Charlevoix River Road, Isle-aux-Coudres, the Charlevoix Mountains Road, La Malbaie and its surroundings, the Charlevoix Marine Park sector and the Charlevoix Flavour Road.

  • Baie-Saint-Paul
  • Les Éboulements
  • Isle-aux-Coudres
  • Petite-Rivière-Saint-François
  • Saint-Hilarion
  • Saint-Urbain
  • Lac-Pikauba
  • Baie-Sainte-Catherine
  • Clermont
  • La Malbaie
  • Notre-Dame-des-Monts
  • Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs
  • Saint-Irénée
  • Saint-Siméon
  • Mont-Élie
  • Sagard

Spring / Summer activities

Charlevoix is famous for its local products and fine dining restaurants that offer you unique culinary experiences. Each of the chefs and producers in the region brings his personal touch and his unique skill to offer exceptional and original products and foods that stand out so you can enjoy them.

In summer, you will be able to find the largest selection of activities, attractions and seasonal events in Charlevoix. For a weekend away from the worries of work or your vacation, treat yourself to a holiday filled with memorable memories.